Brooklyn Community Board 1
A monthly update of harassment and displacement risk in rent stabilized* buildings in Brooklyn Community Board 1. Each list is one risk factor.
You can click directly to a property's HPD building info (HPD), DOB Building Information System (DOB), ACRIS financial records (ACRIS), property tax information (Taxes), or OASIS Map (OASIS) page. You can also click the link for a building's registered Owner to view its Who Owns What page and its Address to view it on DAP Portal. The (Taxes) link will take you to the Department of Finance portal to view tax records and tax exemption information.
If a building appears on more than one of the lists below in a given month it will be coded:
Yellow: two risk factors
Orange: three risk factors
Red: four risk factors
Tip: to find the building on other lists, expand all of them and then copy its BBL (Borough, Block, and Lot code) and use Find (Ctrl+F or ⌘+F).
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New sales of residential buildings last month (1 building)

A high sales price can mean the new owner plans to displace existing tenants to make large profits. All property transfers are included here, even when the recorded dollar amount is 0. Sales data is messy — click a building's (ACRIS) link for more detailed documentation. Note: data from the Department of Finance can lag, so these sales might be from the month before last.

BBLAddressZipTotal UnitsStab­ilized Units ('07)Stab­ilized Units ('19)Sales PricePrice/Sq. FootSale Date ▾OwnerLinks
3027480016106 JACKSON STREET1121166 $0$004/02/2021 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
Buildings with 5+ new complaints filed with HPD last month (8 buildings)

Complaints that tenants make about conditions in their apartment or building get sent to Housing Preservation and Development for inspection. One complaint can include multiple problems in an apartment or a building. Click a building's (HPD) link for details.

BBLAddressZipTotal UnitsStab­ilized Units ('07)Stab­ilized Units ('19)Compl­aints ▾Owner Links
3024320009182 SOUTH 3 STREET11211423913STATEST REALTY CORP (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3025330021196 HURON STREET112226613 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024320030185 SOUTH 4 STREET11211424612185 SOUTH 4TH, LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3023180029109 NORTH 7 STREET112499729 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024190019202 SOUTH 2 STREET112114138145WAYFINDER PM LLC,202 SOUTH 2ND STREET LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024630021386 SOUTH 5 STREET112113532345NY QUALITY HOUSING LLC,293-301 HOOPER HDFC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3023280006187 BEDFORD AVENUE112111616165 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
Buildings with 10+ new violations issued by HPD last month (20 buildings)

HPD issues violations of the Housing Maintenance Code after inspecting building conditions. Class A, B, and C violations can indicate a landlord is neglecting or actively harassing tenants, Class C being the most severe (info, p.7). Click a building's (HPD) link for more details.

BBLAddressZipTotal UnitsStab­ilized Units ('07)Stab­ilized Units ('19)Class AClass BClass CTotal ▾OwnerLinks
3024320009182 SOUTH 3 STREET112114239 6311855STATEST REALTY CORP (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3025050013160 EAGLE STREET1122266 61020232INDEV REAL ESTATE US,160 EAGLE STREET LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024370011340 SOUTH 3 STREET112114141 4198522THE WAVECREST MGMT TEAM,340 SOUTH THIRD HDFC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024650011446 SOUTH 5 STREET1121135 355962011-15 NEW MONTROSE AVENUE,PEOPLE'S FIREHOUSE, INC. (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
303075003023 INGRAHAM STREET112066 99220N GRAHAM LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3029220047845 GRAND STREET1121140 40142218845 GRAND DEVELOPMENT LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024250040383 SOUTH 3 STREET112114141 21212216ZEV RUB,ZEB RUB INC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3023150031287 NORTH 8 STREET1121187 884315BEDFORD MANAGEMENT CO (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
303031001216 STAGG STREET112061110 210214BEN STAGG LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024630012366 SOUTH 5 STREET112113232 2085114FRONTGATE MANAGEMENT,366 SOUTH 5 ST LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024630021386 SOUTH 5 STREET112113532 3406713NY QUALITY HOUSING LLC,293-301 HOOPER HDFC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3023110015146 NORTH 9 STREET1124988 338112146 NORTH 9TH LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3025590058151 GREENPOINT AVENUE1122266 632611 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
303106000166 GRAHAM AVENUE112063028 1461166 GRAHAM LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3023990022377 SOUTH 1 STREET1121185 535311MIGDAL5 MANAGEMENT 2010 LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3025330021196 HURON STREET1122266 43411 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024190019202 SOUTH 2 STREET112114138 1419010WAYFINDER PM LLC,202 SOUTH 2ND STREET LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024120016360 SOUTH 1 STREET112113566 6716310JOLS REALTY CORP (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
Buildings with 2+ new complaints filed with DOB last month (8 buildings)

Complaints that tenants make about construction or certain building conditions (e.g. broken elevator) get sent to the Department of Buildings. Click a building's (DOB) link for details through the Building Information System.

BBLAddressZipTotal UnitsStab­ilized Units ('07)Stab­ilized Units ('19)Compl­aints ▾OwnerLinks
3023930026214 GRAND STREET112118833212-214 GRAND LLC (214) (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
302831000454 HERBERT STREET11222646354 HERBERT STREET LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
303075002597 MORGAN AVENUE11237663MORGAN PROP LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3025330021196 HURON STREET11222662 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024950053127 EAGLE STREET112221414142 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3023587503135 METROPOLITAN AVENUE11249102135 METRO PROP LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
3024430026370 BEDFORD AVENUE112492925262PLAZA MANAGEMENT,613 SG LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
Buildings with new DOB permit applications filed last month (0 buildings)

Construction permit applications show a landlord's intention to do construction and renovations, which can be used to destabilize apartments. For example, Alt 2 permits may represent work that will justify Individual Apartment Improvement rent increases (more info on permit types, p.5). Buildings are included here based on construction permit pre-filing dates. Click a building's (DOB) link for details through the Building Information System.

There were no buildings with new DOB permit applications filed in Brooklyn Community Board 1 in May 2021.
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*All buildings in the report have contained at least one rent stabilized unit between 2007 and 2018. Stabilized unit numbers are approximate and based on property tax bills from the NYC Department of Finance: click a building's (Taxes) link for individual property tax bills. Missing or fluctuating numbers may be due to missing/incorrect registration by the owner or inconsistencies in property tax documentation. NYS Homes and Community Renewal maintains the most accurate information on rent stabilization, which is not available to the public.
Data sources: (, CC BY-SA); DOF Rolling Sales, PLUTO 19v2; NYC Open Data Portal: Housing Maintenance Code Complaints, Housing Maintenance Code Violations, DOB Complaints Received, DOB Job Applications Filings, Multiple Dwelling Registrations, Registration Contacts
The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development produces these District Reports as part of the Displacement Alert Project. Email with feedback or questions.