Note: The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD) no longer updates DAP District Reports on a monthly basis. For the most up to date information on New York City neighborhood housing landscapes, where tenants and homeowners are at heightened risk of displacement, and what is happening in buildings where tenants or homeowners are having problems, visit the ANHD DAP Portal.

Community groups, organizers, residents, and policymakers play a critical role in preventing tenant harassment and displacement in rent stabilized buildings. However, existing data and information is fragmented and often confusing, which can make it challenging to identify which New York City buildings are most vulnerable.

Where are rent stabilized tenants at greatest risk of harassment and displacement?

DAP District Reports provide information on where rent stabilized tenants are at greatest risk of displacement in each community district. Buildings that appear on multiple lists are coded yellow, orange, or red, depending on the level of risk. We determine risk based on public data on new property sales, HPD complaints, HPD violations, DOB complaints, and DOB construction permit applications.

For more information on using District Reports, visit the Tutorial page.

DAP District Reports are a part of the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development's (ANHD) Displacement Alert Project (DAP), leveraging data and visualizations to help protect tenants and preserve New York City's stock of affordable housing.

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Staten Island
The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development produces these District Reports and DAP Map as part of the Displacement Alert Project. Email with feedback or questions.